A nomad base doesn’t need to follow any certain political direction but the idea of sharing a space with lots of people does tend to create a certain type of anarchy/communism to prevail. Giving up ideas of private property was the best way to manage everything. With dumpster diving this is easy to do as the food is not being paid for by anyone and so doesn’t have some legal ownership anyway. This encourages the gift economy too as there is no point in buying something for yourself in the nomad base as everyone is going to want to use it. So you might as well just gift it to the nomad base and let everyone use it anyway.

But there are personal items which have either sentimental value or economic value useful for work purposes. These should be respected as such and this doesn’t go against the principle of no private property but are part of the commons that enable the space. For example a laptop that is used to work on to pay the rent is better to be looked after by the person who does that work and therefore ensure the long term sustainability of the place rather than have it used by someone who might potentially destroy the working environment and cut off the income source. But things like musical instruments can be great to share with everyone as talented musicians can bring pleasure to everyone without having to own an instrument if there is a collective one that everyone can use.

Most importantly the idea of having no private property means that everyone cares about everything. If something breaks it is up to everyone to fix it. Having fixing and cleaning times can be a good team bonding activity. There is something really nice about everyone helping to fix the broken bicycle and get it running again, or when magically the entire base gets cleaned in only an hour because everyone helped do a little bit of something. By not having responsibility fall back on the owner of everything the delegation of tasks become a community issue and removes all leaders and hierarchy as well.

1. Go dumpster diving all afternoon until you can’t find any more food. Come home and cut those vegetables for another hour and start to cook a massive pot of something really delicious. Invite as many hungry friends over as possible to enjoy in the freedom feast.

2. Spend some time skill sharing. If someone is awesome at tying knots then they could teach everyone else how to as well!

3. Go on a massive adventure together. Find a small town near by that has something interesting, all hitch there and enjoy the space.

4. Invent some new game to play.

5. Collect everyones stories and make them into a book.

6. More cooking.

7. Give everyone a hug.

8. Write a song.

9. Stare intensely at each other for no reason.

10. Have a face painting party.

11. Install linux on everyone’s computer.

12. Don’t be so lame and come up with your own activities.

Around the time of 2011 there was a growing network of nomad bases spread over europe, unfortunately these seemed to all coincidely close their doors around the same time due to various reasons. It seemed before this that there would be a strong continuation of the nomad base concept so that the network would extend to have nearly at least one nomad base per country across europe to provide a really easy way for travellers to go places and have a comfortable space to sleep.

The closure of these places was for all different reasons but there was a common thread in that a nomad base won’t last forever. So keeping this in perspective is important. It is rather unlikely that a long term established network would be created of bases. What is more likely is that the people who have set up bases or stayed in bases will be floating around one place or another waiting for the next fantastic place to open up.

Therefore the idea behind this site is really to encourage people who have a potential place for a nomad base to try open it up and see if it will work out. Nomads in the traditional sense are people that move from one good pasture to the next in tune with the seasons. Neo-nomads are probably similar in their behaviour and are going to go from one good thing to the next. Maybe if someone opened a new place because of reading this then new networks would form and the nomads can gather once again.