Feeding People. What about dumpster diving?

In most western countries a lot of food is thrown away every day from supermarkets. An egg has cracked in a packet of 12, the supermarket has overstocked in potatoes and there is no shelf space left for them, the banana has a bruise on it, the best before date on the packet of chocolate is tomorrow. There are many reasons for disposing of perfectly edible food from supermarkets, primarily to keep up profit margins. Dumpster diving is a political act that defies this notion of making profit on food. Food should be a right for all people of all incomes. Wasting food by throwing out perfectly edible things is a result of today’s ridiculous capitalist agendas. By taking back this wasted food and eating it the dumpster diver is saying that waste is not acceptable in the modern environmental crisis of the planet, and that eating is not something just for those with sufficient incomes.

Dumpster diving is also a convenient way to feed a lot of hungry nomads without spending a cent. It is especially efficient when carried out by and for a group of people instead of just one to share efforts and dumpster finds, because more often than not there will be a whole lot of one certain type of food. For example one dumpster diving group once found about 80 spice boxes of thyme, or 35 cans of tropical fruit cocktail.

Of course dumpster diving doesn’t work everywhere, although it is surprising where it does, so some alternative ideas would be to grow your own, pool together in a magical hat of financial contributions to buy food preferably from a food cooperative, or set up food sharing in return for some volunteering at some farms.

Vist http://trashwiki.org for more details