Half the purpose of a nomad base is to provide a place for tired travellers to rest. So it is important for a nomad base to be well prepared to sleep people comfortably. Experienced road junkies are comfortable on nearly any surface and will be prepared with a small camping mat so that they only need a small empty floor space. Others might arrive unprepared. To accommodate those who haven’t got a mat and would also rather sleep on a proper mattress it is important to find as many comfortable sleeping surfaces as possible. In a nomad base that was in Berlin, there was one main sleeping room which could be covered in mattresses during the night and sleep up to fifteen or so people as long as they were lying in an efficient tetris pattern. Every evening at around the time when people started to uncontrollably yawn the pile of mattresses that were used as couches during the day were laid out covering the entire floor space. Lying three people to a double mattress gave enough comfort and space for all those on it.

It is important that nomad bases are safe zones for all people, this is achieved by giving everyone freedom with where they want to sleep. Of course no one is forced to stay at a nomad base so when one chooses to do so there is an degree of personal space lost. But by giving people the choice of where they want to sleep then they can choose whether or not they wish to sleep next to certain individuals. Or having a single sleeping spot that is slightly detached from other places can give the individual on that a little more personal space.

Ideas to accommodate more people could be to: have hammocks attached to the walls so people can sleep above those lying on mattresses, build bunk beds, have couches rather than individual chairs that can double as beds, doubling the use of certain spaces like using a balcony to sleep on, pitching tents in the backyard, treehouses!