The location for 2015 gathering is going to be St. Laurent du Pape, Ardèche, South-east France.

The gathering shares deep connections with the nomad base community and is a great place to meet other long term travelers and then have a great summer of hitch hiking together.

More information can be found at

The travel club have been running a open house for travellers for a few months every summer for the last three years. The concept is similar to a nomad base except explicitly asks for donations from the community to fund it, but still is free to stay at. For 2015 the location will be in Athens which will be a fantastic place to visit over the coming summer months. It opens on the 1st of July. More details can be found here.

Unfortunately after beginning to host people here in Chiang Mai, our landlord realised there was the potential to make money off all the foreigners and so asked us to pay extra for people to stay the night even though they would be just sleeping on the floor in the tiny room we have. Feeling this is highly unfair seeing the amount being asked is more than the cost of a guesthouse where you would get a comfortable bed we have had to suspend nomad base operations at the moment 🙁

We are searching for an alternative, either moving places or coming up with some compromise in this place. But we have already paid for this months rent so can’t just leave straight away.

It is a pretty big blow to our philosophy of providing free space for travelers. But we will figure out a solution. So keep checking for updates.

The Local Market

Just around the corner from the Chiang Mai nomad base is a great market full of various food options for a pretty good price. As we are a pretty vegan orientated group we have quickly found the best way to discover if something contains animal products to as ask if it is ‘jay’ or เจ, which works pretty well as is a widely understood food concept that involves not eating animals and some other things.

We have been keeping an eye on the market at closing time to see if there is any good left over food thrown away, but they are pretty quick and tidy about it all so will have to learn some more thai so we can ask vendors directly if they have any food they are throwing away.

I just want to have mango sticky rice here every day…

For the next three months if you are passing through Chiang Mai then feel welcome to come stay with us. We have rented a small studio apartment of about 25sqm and converted it in to a beautiful home. There isn’t much space, but there is plenty of love. And we are surrounded by amazing places to eat and only a short stroll to the old city walls.

If you want to come stay the best way to get in touch is to send us a couch request on bewelcome or trustroots. I won’t give out my profile on this blog, but if you have an account with either of these systems then you will find us pretty easily.

So if you are hitchhiking or cycling or walking around these parts then we would love to host you.

Inside the house

Nomadbase Chiang Mai is temporary house for travellers to come and stop by on their travels around South East Asia. We will be renting an apartment in Chiang Mai for the period of mid-April 2015 – June 2015. During this time we will happily host people under the principles of a nomad base.

We wish to use our time in Chiang Mai to be inspired and to learn. The city provides many different aspects which one can learn from but we will concentrate on learning massage, cooking, and health related activities as well as the local language and customs.

The other aspect is doing, it is important that the house will be a place of activity and not idleness. It will be beneficial to all if guests come with the intention of skill sharing and moderate activism. Eg, if you can lead a workshop on street photography rather than just going off site seeing, that would be great.

We will maintain the right to decide on which guests will be suitable for the house as due to the small number of intentions we have there, it will fit certain individuals more than others.

Check back soon for more updates. We will post how to get in touch with us once we have finalised a home.

As you can see here, the first post, of the Nomad Base blog.

The blog will be a place you can find news and current information about Nomad Bases being set up and lived in around the world.

There will be a number of different functions being added to the website soon too which will hopefully encourage more people to start their own nomad base up.

Keep an eye on this page